Columbus, Indiana Neighborhood Guide

Columbus, Indiana Neighborhood Guide

  • Team Nolting
  • 09/19/22

Columbus is a charming city with a vibrant atmosphere in Bartholomew County, Indiana. Located less than an hour outside Indianapolis, it is famous around the country for its renowned architecture. Many families and professionals belong to the community, one of the county's most sought-after neighborhoods. Properties are up-to-date and well-maintained throughout its pristinely landscaped streets, providing the streets with a picturesque and polished look.
The Columbus neighborhood has much to offer its residents. There are delicious places to eat, fabulous places to shop, recreational centers to attend, artwork to see, lush gardens to explore, and so much more. The community truly has something for everyone and makes for a wonderful place to call home. With so much interest in the region, the Columbus, Indiana, real estate market is always buzzing with competitive listings.
With years of professional experience in the Columbus, Indiana, real estate industry, The Nolting Team knows all the best things to do in the neighborhood. Having worked on tons of transactions involving homes for sale in Columbus, they have grown to know the community well.
From the best restaurants to highly-rated schools and the top movie theaters, use this neighborhood guide during your next visit to Columbus to ensure you get the most out of your experience.

The Columbus community

Life in Columbus is peaceful and laid-back. The quality of life is very high throughout the community, and residents have all the amenities they need within the neighborhood without ever having to stray too far from home. Most people lead an active lifestyle, frequently attending the area's many recreational facilities and outdoor spaces. To keep life in the neighborhood exciting all year round, the Columbus Parks and Recreation Department is constantly updating its calendar of events. The area does a fantastic job of offering all the conveniences of a big city while still capturing the charm of small-town life.

The real estate

People all over the world know Columbus for its glorious architecture. You’ll find many architectural designs and styles throughout the neighborhood. Taking part in a tour through the community is a lovely way to get acquainted with the architectural scene. World-famous architects have been the driving force behind many properties throughout the region. As a result, a diverse array of elegant designs appear within the Columbus, Indiana, real estate market. Some properties feature modern and contemporary styles with edgy elements, while others present a more traditional look reminiscent of the Victorian era. Many homes for sale in this community feature luxury amenities as well.
Working with a professional real estate agent is highly recommended when buying or selling a home in Columbus, Indiana. A qualified agent, such as those at The Nolting Team, will be able to guide you through the buying or selling process with ease.

Local attractions

woman sitting, facing art on a wall in a Columbus, Indiana art gallery
Columbus has local attractions for residents and visitors to explore at every turn. Any stroll through the neighborhood is full of historic landmarks and cultural sites. Thanks to the upscale designs of the city, there are many fascinating art galleries to browse through. The Columbus Parks and Recreation Department manages many athletic centers, community facilities, and gathering spaces throughout the area, such as The Commons and the Donner Aquatic Center.

busy park in Columbus, IN with people walking and biking on a path and sitting on blankets in the grass
Cera Sports Park & Campground is a particularly popular park for those who enjoy the great outdoors, and there are miles of hiking and biking trails across the region. Mill Race Park is another very popular park in the area for its ample amenities as well as fishing lakes. Golf is a favorite pastime for many community members, with amazing courses like Greenbelt Golf Course available for those looking to spend a day on the green. There are lots of quaint destinations to spend time in nature as well, such as Irwin Gardens. The community also has movie theaters for cinema buffs, like AMC.

Dining in Columbus

fine dining restaurant, with elegant dish on the table among glasses and utensils
The culinary scene in Columbus is bursting with flavor and features an array of international cuisines served in upbeat environments. Thai Connection is a delicious spot for authentic Thai recipes, and Luciana’s Mexican Restaurant & Cantina leaves every guest satisfied with its tasty Mexican staples and lively ambiance. Some places cater to a healthy lifestyle, such as Fresh Take Kitchen, and specialty joints for niche cravings, such as Ramen Alley for delectable ramen noodles.
Lots of trendy eateries are located all over the neighborhood, and some of the best restaurants in Columbus, Indiana, can be found when dining downtown. Fourth Street Taproom & Kitchen is one of the most popular places in the downtown area for its gourmet menu of classic items with an innovative twist. Other hotspots in the Columbus neighborhood include Henry Social Club and The Upland Columbus Pump House. For those with a sweet tooth, the ice cream selection at the iconic Zaharakos is the perfect way to end a night.

Shopping in Columbus

close-up of brown paper bag that says Henry's on it
Columbus has an excellent shopping scene. Many department stores are located throughout the neighborhood for general items, and there are several pharmacies for added convenience. Tons of supermarkets can also be found across the community for groceries, including health food stores and bulk item stores.
For fresh produce, locals love visiting the Columbus Farmers Market. The neighborhood also has trendy boutiques for clothing and accessories, such as Minash Boutique. The area features many specialty stores, like Days of Old Antique Shoppe for rare finds, Viewpoint Books for intriguing reads, and Ames Mercantile for home decor.

Neighborhood schools

close-up of a school bus in Columbus, IN
Residents of the Columbus neighborhood have a blend of public and private schools to choose from. Students in the neighborhood attend the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation, which has a strong reputation for success throughout the state. Several elementary schools can be found within the district, such as Southside Elementary School and Clifty Creek Elementary School. There are also middle schools, such as Northside Middle School and Central Middle School, and high schools: Columbus North High School and Columbus East High School.
Many Columbus, Indiana schools are top-performing in the district with a commitment to academic excellence. Combining features such as small class sizes and top-notch equipment creates an environment that fosters learning and achievement throughout the community. Regarding private schools, some notable options in the neighborhood include North Star Montessori School, Saint Bartholomew Catholic School, White Creek Lutheran School, and Columbus Christian School.
As a diverse city with so much to offer, it’s no wonder the Columbus, Indiana, real estate market is always hot. The community attracts residents from all over the country with its friendly vibe and endless entertainment, recreation, and leisure opportunities.
Brigette Nolting and Hillary Maple know the Columbus real estate market like the back of their hand. Together as The Nolting Team, Brigette Nolting and Hillary Maple have worked within the Columbus real estate market for years and have valuable knowledge about the diverse homes for sale within the community. They have worked with sellers and buyers through countless transactions throughout the Columbus market and also have experience in the surrounding neighborhoods of Batesville and Seymour.
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