5 Easy Tips For Relocating to Columbus, Indiana

5 Easy Tips For Relocating to Columbus, Indiana

  • The Nolting Team
  • 11/6/22

Moving to Columbus, Indiana

Filled with modern and contemporary architecture, green spaces, and highly-rated schools, Columbus, Indiana, is one of the best places to live in the state. Around every corner in the city seems to be some display of public art, including the largest sculptures by Henry Moore and Jean Tinguely. Modern architecture is balanced by historical buildings downtown, where you can find some of the best restaurants in Columbus, Indiana, such as Henry’s Social Club, which serves high-end American fare and creative cocktails in mid-century modern decor. There are also plenty of things to do in the area, from parks and recreation to movie theaters in Columbus, Indiana.

With so many amenities, the area is popular among real estate seekers. If you’re one of the buyers looking for Columbus, Indiana, houses for sale, this article will give you some top tips to make the relocation process as smooth as possible.

#1 Research your new location

The first step to relocating is to research your new area as thoroughly as possible. What neighborhood will you be living in? What is the vibe? Is it suburban or rural? Where are the local grocery stores, coffee shops, and restaurants? Where is your work in relation to your home, and how far is the commute to your children’s school? Knowing these aspects before you arrive will help make your move easier and reduce some of the hectic feelings that come with relocating. As the saying goes, knowledge is power, and understanding some of the basic elements of your new city or suburb will make the move that much less stressful.

#2 Plan in advance if possible

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If possible, it is best to book any services you need with ample lead time so you can hopefully stay on schedule. Quality movers can make the difference between a hectic day relocating and one that goes smoothly. Booking services in advance is a crucial step, especially if you are traveling a long distance to relocate. Consider hiring your movers as early as possible. It’s also important to set up the utility services for your new home once you know your arrival date. Having these appointments scheduled with plenty of lead time will make the days leading up to the relocation smooth and easy.

#3 Declutter and organize

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When it is time to get packing, it is absolutely crucial to have an organizational strategy and declutter as you go. After all, when you live in a large home, it can be easy to accumulate more stuff than needed. Take some time as you pack and go through your belongings to evaluate what you need to keep and what can be donated or trashed. Many of us save things for a rainy day or a “just-in-case” scenario, but this is often unrealistic and leaves our homes filled with unneeded items that take up valuable space. If you find items buried in your closets that you haven’t used or thought about for years, it might be a good time to part with them. Fewer belongings mean less packing and less moving!

This is also a great time to clean out clothes, coats, and shoes. Make a pile of donations and get rid of anything that does not fit or is not the right style. Although it can be hard to part with sentimental pieces, your new closets will thank you. There will be more room for the pieces you actually love, and it will make the move easier.

Relocating is a great time of transition, and with that comes the perfect time for reflection and renewal. Use the time packing to reflect on the belongings you have and what they mean to you. You may find that there are items that you’re ready to let go of and leave behind as you move into your new life.

When packing, it is essential to keep things organized and labeled. When you move into your new home, you do not want to be digging through boxes on end for that one item you need. To keep things organized, try to group boxes by room and create a clear labeling system for each box or container. Make sure the box is labeled with the room it belongs to and a short list of its contents. This will make it easier to unpack once the relocation is finished.

#4 Collect important documents

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When everything is packed away and in the moving truck, you are going to want to have the important documents you need on hand, such as a copy of the deed to your home, purchase documents, moving contracts, and anything else important for the move. Your collection can be physical or digital, but it will be important to have these documents easily accessible during the relocation process.

#5 Keep the essentials nearby

Similar to the important documents, make sure that any items you will need for the first few nights at your home are packed in an easy-to-access location, such as a suitcase that you keep with you. When you arrive at your new home and are tired and ready for a break, you won’t want to spend your evening digging through boxes for medication, a toothbrush, or your child’s favorite stuffed animal. Keep the things you need nearby and easily accessible to make the unpacking process easier and less stressful.

The Nolting Team

Although relocating to Columbus, Indiana, real estate can be a huge undertaking, The Nolting Team is here to help. As a mother-daughter real estate team, these experts are known for their customer service and dedication. They understand the stress of relocating your family and are here to help you find the perfect listing in your new location. The Nolting Team has an extensive array of luxury property listings and can help you through the entire process, from finding listings to negotiating and closing a sale.

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